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Kapstone Crushers M-Sand

M - Sand

Kapstone Crusher's M-Sand has the best quality manufactured sand. With its higher compressive strength and flexural strength, it is highly recommended for RCC work, brickwork and block works as compared to river sand. Furthermore, it does not include a slit, clay, oversize material and marine products. Plus, it's cheaper than river sand. In this sand, the fineness Modulus ranges from 2.3 to 3.2.

Kapstone Crushers P-Sand

P - Sand

Kapstone Crusher's P-Sand is the best quality plaster sand. With its high flexural strength and smooth and durable finish, it is highly recommended for walls and brickwork purposes as compared to river sand. In addition, it is less permeable to nature and requires less cement than river sand. Plus, it's cheaper than river sand. The fineness modulus of this sand is not less than 1.4.

Kapstone Crushers Aggregate 40 MM

Aggregates 40 MM

Kapstone Crusher's 40mm aggregate is the best quality stone available. It is a very strong and durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads. Additionally, with its large size, it is mainly used in the construction of high-rise buildings and other heavy-duty structures such as bridges, flyovers, railway works, etc. It also helps in reducing the cement content that is used. solidification and saving costs.

Kapstone Crushers Aggregates 20 MM

Aggregates 20 MM

Kapstone Crusher's 20MM aggregate is the best quality stone available. It is a strong and durable metal that can provide better bonding with the paste in concrete, as the particles are not too small to interfere with the bond between the paste and the aggregate. With its angular shape and uniformity, it is mainly used in RCC structures such as for the construction of buildings, flyovers or reinforced sections carrying heavy loads.

Kapstone Crushers Aggregates 10 MM

Aggregates 10 MM

Kapstone Crusher's 10MM Aggregate is the best quality stone available. With its high strength and low grit content, it is highly recommended for RCC structures and RMC. The smaller and more uniform size of the 10 mm aggregate helps improve the workability of concrete, as it forms a more fluid mix that is easier to handle and keep. Often used in drainage systems. Also used as an ornamental feature in landscaping, garden beds and pathways. It helps in better mixing during RMC processing.

Kapstone Crushers Aggragates 06 MM

Aggregates 06 MM

Kapstone Crusher's 6MM Aggregate is the best quality of stone available. With its ability to give the finished product volume, stability, resistance to wear or corrosion and other desired physical properties, it is highly recommended as a base or base for block and concrete for pavements, driveways, houses, paved roads etc. Is performed. sub-base material or in the process of cement manufacturing. Often used as a material for mixing with cement, bitumen, lime, gypsum to make concrete or mortar.

Kapstone Crushers Crush Sand

Crush Sand

Kapstone crusher's dust sand is the best quality of sand available. Water from heavy rains will not seep under the paving stones as the crusher dust is not porous. This can reduce the risk of shifting and damaging paving stones on driveways and pavers, prevent minerals from leaching into nearby soil, and reduce water logging. It serves as an ideal layer under synthetic turf, driveway bases, retaining walls and driveways, as well as a decorative feature in landscaping. It can be used as a substitute for sand in making concrete products and admixtures.

Kapstone Crushers GSB


Kapstone crusher's GSB is the best quality GSB available. It is a mixture of sand and gravel, crushed stone and broken rock. With the ability to improve the stability of the soil beneath the roadway by providing a layer of support and preventing the soil from settling or shifting. It is used as a base layer for roads, highways and other types of pavements. It provides a stable foundation for an asphalt or concrete surface. It helps in evenly distributing the load and traffic load, reducing the risk of damage to the road surface and ensuring a smooth ride for the vehicles.

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