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Committed to a sustainable future with advanced technology & machinery for crushing perfection.

Kapstone Crushers
'The Master Of Stone Crushing'

Kapstone Crushers Offer High-Quality Materials, Aggregates, Crushed Stone, M-Sand, P-Sand and GSB As Well As Expert Service For A Successful Project.


A Leading Name In The Infrastructure Development Sector!

A leading name in infrastructure development, Kapstone Crusher Plant plays a vital role in all highway and road development projects in India. With 30+ years of experience and expertise in the construction sector, Kapstone Crusher (‘The Master Of Stone Crushing’) Plant provides customers with its excellent quality and reliable high quality products in road construction materials, M Sand & P sand products, Aggregates stone 6mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm etc. Its advanced technology makes it superior in manufacturing revolutionary products in the unorganised sector.



Kapstone Crushers P-Sand

P - Sand

Kapstone Crusher's ('The Master Of Stone Crushing') P-Sand is the best quality plaster sand. With its high flexural strength and smooth and durable finish, it is highly recommended for walls and brickwork purposes as compared to river sand. In addition, it is less permeable to nature and requires less cement than river sand. Plus, it's cheaper than river sand. The fineness modulus of this sand is not less than 1.4.

Kapstone Crushers M-Sand

M - Sand

Kapstone Crusher's ('The Master Of Stone Crushing') M-Sand has the best quality manufactured sand. With its higher compressive strength and flexural strength, it is highly recommended for RCC work, brickwork and block works as compared to river sand. Furthermore, it does not include a slit, clay, oversize material and marine products. Plus, it's cheaper than river sand. In this sand, the fineness Modulus ranges from 2.3 to 3.2.



Based on 7 reviews
Nitesh Ukey
Nitesh Ukey
10 May 2023
Good vibes
Sunil Kanhere
Sunil Kanhere
4 April 2023
" My experience with Kapstone Crushers has been very positive. They were very accommodating and gave me exactly what I needed for my construction project."
Tushar Dussawar
Tushar Dussawar
27 February 2023
"As a contractor, I've used this kapstone crushers company's stone crushers on multiple projects and have always been satisfied with the quality of the aggregates produced. I highly recommend them for any construction project."
Rajesh Oza
Rajesh Oza
15 February 2023
Good type stone